St Ives Community Choir

Our one and only concert!

Treyloyan Manor Concert


On a dry and relatively crisp evening, after all the rain endured over the last few months, the first concert of 2020 on Thursday 27th February at Treloyhan Manor, was eagerly anticipated. The venue is well known to the choir and always provides an enthusiastic audience, who appreciate our singing.


The evening began with a choir photo, one to celebrate our award at the Wall Festival last year. The stairs also provided another angle and photographer, Bill Thomas, took full advantage.


One could tell it would be a good evening when the audience applauded our warmup as we sang ‘Bella Mama’. We opened the concert proper with one of our Wall Festival pieces, ‘With a song’, which ignited the audience, now realizing that they were in for a treat.

MD, William, used his usual tack of inviting the audience to say where they were from. However, almost everyone seemed to come from in or around Epping Forest, which made quick and amusing riposte harder to find. This, therefore, became its own amusement.


A varied programme continued and consisted of songs from Abba, The Crystals and The Beatles, and a real Cornish flavour with 'Hail to the Homeland' and ‘Proper Job’. The latter brought out once again the pasty in the hands of soloist David Polkinghorne, beginning to look the worse for wear; the pasty that is, not David!


An enjoyable evening was concluded with extended applause following powerful renderings of ‘This is my home’ and ‘Like an Eagle’, two favourites of the choir.