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Thank you

Well our International tour has come and gone. May I take this opportunity to say a very BIG thank you to Maureen and Donald for their organization of the whole trip which was delightful, and to William and Tricia for the concert. The concert was really enjoyed by both the choir, and the audience with a fantastic sum of £600 raised for the chosen Charities.
This trip has been a fantastic way for choir members and their partners getting to know everyone through fun and conversation. Are we there yet. Thanks for the website Alan, great work.
I love what you have done Alan great work.
Have passed on details to friends & family in Switzerland & Oman
Happy New Year to you and all your family
This is great Alan! Thankyou for all the work you have done- MUCH appreciated. I'll certainly be passing on the details to friends & family so they can see what we get up to!
Just been looking back through last years events and concerts, brought back some lovely memories of some of the things we have done in the last year.
Well done Alan, your comments, and reporting together with Bills photo's make it a really enjoyable and entertaining website.
Great reporting Alan and thank you for a superb website.. Good luck in the London Marathon this year!
I love this website! You have done a great job Alan. The photos are brilliant and it was really interesting to read all about the different concerts. I am very proud to be part of this choir.
Great little web site Alan, well done for all the work you have put into it. Love the members page with the bits to help us along, great thanks.
Well done Alan.
The website is looking great - very informative.
Love the website! The photos of the choir are great.