Trevor Meets His Maker

Posted on 5th November, 2019

Yesterday the choir gathered, with many others, at St Uny Church, Lelant, to attend the funeral of Trevor Hoskins, one of our basses. The date was Monday 4th November. Trevor, born in 1935, had attained what might be termed 'a good age'. However, while the service was in celebration of his life, the occasion was yet another reminder of our mortality.


Trevor's sons, Richard and Jonathan, each contributed with stories and reflections on their much loved father. This will bring them much comfort and pride in the years ahead. Richard also played a beautiful Chopin piece on the pianoforte to allow further time of reflection.  With many choir members being into their 'third age' it is easy to forget that we all come with a past. In Trevor's case we knew so little of the calibre of one who pioneered nuclear physics long before he joined us. But in recent years, as a choir member, Trevor so enjoyed his singing and the company he had with us. Just three weeks ago I sat beside him at his last practice.


Trevor was also a member of the National Coastwatch Institute at St Ives and received a long service award earlier this year. His colleagues from the NCI formed a Guard of Honour.


Several falls during the last year took their toll on Trevor's health. The first was powerfully described by his wife, Liz. He had to be air lifted from The Isles of Scilly to the mainland by the Cornwall Air Ambulance. This is the charity to which folks were invited to donate as a form of remembrance of Trevor's life.


MD William read from the scriptures: 2 Peter 1, which is a great comfort to those, like Trevor, who held a clear and present faith in his Saviour, Jesus Christ. Rev. Carlyn Wilton referred to this passage in an eloquent message of hope.


The choir contributed with two appropriate songs; Deep Harmony and God be with you. Poor John Lander tripped and fell before the start of the service and was taken to hospital with suspected broken ribs. A cracked rib was verified. We wish him a full recovery and return to the choir.


We will all miss Trevor. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. No doubt Trevor will be discussing how all his scientific knowledge fits in with God's great creation and getting the answers. Surely he will also join a very good choir!




    Then shall I see, and hear, and know

     All I desired and wished below;

   And every power find sweet employ

     In that eternal world of joy.








   Trevor, outside the NCI station on the Island, St Ives.

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