Now on a Higher Plane

Posted on 2nd May, 2016


 A number of the choir gathered with family and friends at Chy an Gweal Methodist Church, Carbis Bay, for the funeral service of Rose Buckley.  Rose was a committed member of the choir and sang in the alto section.


  Rose was also a committed Christian who regularly attended Chy an Gweal, where she would often lead worship. At the funeral the congregational songs were 'Amazing Grace' and 'What a friend we have in Jesus', which are a reflection and testimony of what she believed. Knowing God's grace and having Jesus as a personal friend and Saviour meant that Rose would sing such songs with confidence that gave her peace and joy. She was 'on a higher plane'.  Now her faith has taken her, literally, to a higher plane, forever with her Lord.


   We remember Rose with affection and miss her presence with the choir. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

1In loving-kindness Jesus came

  My soul in mercy to reclaim,

And from the depths of sin and shame

  Through grace He lifted me.

 From sinking sand He lifted me,

With tender hand He lifted me,

From shades of night to plains of light,

  Oh, praise His name, He lifted me!

He called me long before I heard,

  Before my sinful heart was stirred,

But when I took Him at His word,

  Forgiv’n, He lifted me.

His brow was pierced with many a thorn,

  His hands by cruel nails were torn,

When from my guilt and grief, forlorn,

  In love He lifted me.

Now on a higher plane I dwell,

  And with my soul I know ’tis well;

Yet how or why, I cannot tell,

  He should have lifted me.

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