Virgin London Marathon

Posted on 2nd April, 2015

Probably many of you know that I am running the London Marathon this year. Did you realise that is now just over 3 weeks away? Training continues, but, due to a knee injury (a bit of patella tendinitis) I am rather short of long runs. I managed 14 miles on mountain tracks in Lanzarote, but little else during that week. Currently I am able to 'run' on the cross trainer in the gym. A two hour session on Monday produced 16 miles and a full marathon distance in 3hrs 28mins on Friday.  But the roads, especially when there are downhill sections, cause problems. It's difficult to run far in Cornwall without encountering a hill or two!


William has often remarked that running and singing are, in some ways, similar disciplines. You have to train, but be careful not to over do it. Make sure you warm up before hand. To be performance fit you have to do a lot of repetitive training to create muscle memory and reach your peak at the right time.


It is a while since I have practised with the choir, which makes me feel I am somewhat out of the flow. But what a privilege to be part of a choir that is asked to sing at the funeral of Frank Thomas Rawlings on Tuesday 7th April. What an opportunity to help in a small way as the family bear their grief.


A lack of road miles also makes me feel under prepared for the Virgin London Marathon. But I have a much prized place and will count it a privilege to be on the start line on Sunday 26th April.


I am running with Hayle Runners as a proud member of that group. I am also running to raise funds for the charity I have directed and guided since 1998. Sporting Chance International is close to my heart. I hope you will consider helping me to get around the course to its finish line, whatever my knee feels like.


I have a fund raising page online: or you can simply pass any sponsorship / donations to me or Lesley any time.  Together we can get me over the line and every penny raised will go directly to Kenya.


I hope to see you all on Tuesday where we can make a difference with our hearts and voices raised in memory of Frank.




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