Ten Years and Counting

Posted on 25th January, 2015

   2004 - 2014; the St Ives Community Choir has been around for ten years.  Most things develop and evolve with time.  Members, musical directors, practice venue: these have all changed, but the vision behind the choir stays. 

   The choir is a great social gathering each week as it practices.  We are a mixture of people from varied backgrounds.  We all like singing.  Few of us would venture into the more elite domain of rendering solos or duets.  We are blessed in that area, however, with our musical director, William and his wife Tricia.  Not all can read music, or easily hold our part, but, together, we make a pleasing sound.  Organisations and others keep on inviting us to provide a concert or enhance a celebration, so we must be getting something right. 

   A community choir like ours doesn't have auditions.  Anyone who enjoys singing can join.  We have different preferences of the style and genre we should be singing.  Having a musical director means that we are being steered consistently in the right direction.  We also have an accompanist who is willing to play anything and everything.  We have a desire to perform for our community, often helping to raise money for charity and (always) providing entertainment.  We are a community within the community.  Here's to next ten years.............

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and [choir members] are VERY welcoming to new members
You are so right Alan. Well said.
Hear, hear! Well done Alan